Family in front of house Thank you for visiting Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation’s website. As one of the leading lenders in the Mid-Atlantic region, we strive to continue providing our customers the highest level of service with the lowest rates available.

We offer our customers the following mortgage programs to meet our customers’ needs on their Primary Residence:

Purchase loans with down payments as low as 3%
Home Improvement Mortgages
Debt Consolidation
Refinance Mortgages
Rate Reduction Refinance Mortgages
Property Rehabilitation Loans
Rural Housing Mortgages
Second Mortgages
FHA Loans
Conventional Loans

Atlantic Pacific Mortgage also offers many of the above programs on Second Homes and Investment Properties. We are licensed in the following states:

1. Delaware – License # 4993
2. Florida - License # MLD814
3. Maryland - License # 6986
4. Massachusetts – Massachusetts Mortgage Lender License #ML1024
5. New Jersey - License # 9919640
6. North Carolina - License # L-143915
7. Pennsylvania - License # 21422
8. Virginia - License # MC-2403

Current Customers

Please send payments to:
Atlantic Pacific Mortgage Corporation
Payment Processing Center
PO Box 371306
Pittsburgh, PA  15250-7306

Customer Service Phone #:  866-660-0356

Website to make online payments: